Mandee Bhatia, CHB, is President of C B Service, Incorporated is a customs brokerage house in Louisville, Kentucky with over 20 years industry experience in imports, exports, customs brokerage, auditing, and business analysis.

Her real value comes from honest communications, asking the right questions and building trusting relationships and good processes. Because of this she has helped small to medium-sized importers compete, while reducing risk and identifying opportunities. She has facilitated both imports and exports for international trade teams through creation of policies for compliance and risk reduction.  Her “partnership” with her clients offers a unique advantage to them.

Her experience in consulting includes a broad array of industries – manufacturing, professional services, construction, healthcare, retail, personal, nonprofits and other industries. She is a member of the National Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association of America where she keeps abreast of the challenges and innovations in the industry.  C B Service is a national brokerage firm providing remote filing services at most US ports of entry.

Our Team

Brian Christoff is Manager of C B Service, Incorporated and brings 26 years’ experience in leadership and technical background.  Brian has a B.S. in Business Management from Indiana University with additional focus in Psychology and Sociology.  Brian has worked in the Information Technology Services Industry since graduating college and recently decided to apply his experience and expertise in the U.S. Customs Industry.  Brian is leading and has led multiple teams in the past and looks forward to doing the same at C B Service, Inc.

Consulting to Your Business

Do not go it alone! We are here to be your partner – to educate, advise, and make sure all imports and exports have all the correct governmental documentation. We can assist you with legal questions and considerations as well as keeping the business in compliance.

As part of any consulting relationship between a customs broker and customer, there will be transactional information that requires confirmation for trade agreements, duty computation, and signature forms. These details can be overwhelming and costly.

Play it safe and get the expert – a licensed customs broker who understands how to prepare and keep your goods safe and secure. We will evaluate company processes and policies to streamline efficiencies for product movement.

Brian Christoff / Manager & Import & Export Specialist